Natalya Pankratova

Сareer coaching for IT Professionals

Наталья Панкратова
карьерный коучинг для ИТ специалистов

Work principles

Yes, you need english :)


Career Consultant — is a relatively young profession, despite the fact that in developed countries, these experts actively involved in helping people find work and develop for more than ten years. As an example, in the US a person who is serious about career development, often consults with his mentor in a variety of issues — from the color of the tie for an interview before the selection of the employer. It should be noted that overseas career consultants have a high professional level, since this sphere is well developed. Typically, career counseling provided there are those who have already achieved real success. this service has recently appeared in our country. For this reason, it is very difficult to find a good specialist in this field. And they, of course, there are quite successful helping people. Let's look at when it makes sense to turn to the professionals in matters of career, and when it's not worth it.


We create CV ans prepare personal development plan for you.
We master it since 2008.

450 happy clients.

Work process:

  • Analizing of subjects
  • Creating CV
  • Organizing of free activities
  • Conference speacking
  • Selecting TOP companies
  • Technical support for all stages
  • Help with taxes
  • Planning and support
You move

Decide for yourself whether you need assistance in building their own careers, or it's too much.

Much more important is to understand, in what area and who you want to work.

Remember that career consulting specialist only help you achieve your goals, and you have to act yourself.

...and yes, sure! We keep confidence ans yes, we work on Skype :)